Cancellation policy


If you are unable to make your appointment, please contact me 24 hours in advance so that others do not miss out on getting an appointment.

Be mindful that an acute pain or dysfunction always appears at the wrong time and sometimes it is necessary to visit an osteopath the same day – I do my very best to make this possible. Please do not keep a time slot occupied when you are not able to come. When allocated time is wasted it prevents other patients from receiving attention, some of whom may be in considerable pain.

As an osteopath I put my best interest in your individual case, this makes it very discouraging to wait for someone who does not show up combined with a loss of time and income for me and the clinic.

I ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or change appointments.

Full fees will be charged for a late cancellation or non-attendance of an appointment.

If you are prone to forgetfulness please put a reminder in your phone, for example 48h in advance and on the day itself. Once the appointment is booked the responsibility for keeping it is on your side.

Clearly there are some genuine reasons why attendance may not be possible, and I would ask that you please communicate this if it is the case. It is not my policy to request the fee under certain circumstances.

Thank you for your understanding,

D.O. Suzanne Vanden Schrieck

January 2017